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We have an excellent reputation, and have been in

business since 1998

AMS Systems was originally born out frustration, as many years ago we were part of the growing number of people being “Ripped Off” by so called Computer Engineers and Computer Shops. Our research showed that there was a real need for a Computer shop to provide a Genuine and cost effective Service to the everyday person. Unfortunately it is as true today as it was then, for every genuine company there are many more people pretending to be something they are not, working from their kitchen table. Why trust your expensive equipment, and of course YOUR IMPORTANT DATA, both documents and photos to a complete stranger who you dont even know. You may not know us yet, but putting your trust in someone who has been in buisness since 1998, is certainly less of a risk than somebody with no track record, and some bogus referalls written on line. ALWAYS FOLLOW THESE 5 SIMPLE RULES 1. Always do your research on the Person or Company you are thinking of using 2. Always check the contact details AND the address for Person or Company 3. Always ask who will have access to any data on your machine while in their custody 4. Do they offer a FREE cost evaluation BEFORE they undertake any PAID work 5. AND REMEMBER if the price seems to good to be true, ask yourself WHY ?
Computer & Laptop Sales - Repairs
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We have a real workshop, with anti static benches, dedicated to the setup & repair of Computers and Laptops We provide refurbished Computers and Laptops, through the Registered Refurbisher Scheme, We can also update Customers machines with newer Microsoft Windows Versions All our systems are supplied with GENUINE Software, ensuring that the items we supply work and update as they should, without putting you or your data at risk. We do have an online shop, but this only a small part of what we provide in the shop, we are here in person to help. Most People buy from us Face to Face We Quality Check ALL our hardware thoroughly, to ensure that since 1998 we have NEVER Supplied a broken Computer System or Laptop, whether it is was a New or Refurbished Product. We also conduct Quality Checks on the repairs we undertake. We also provide a genuine complaints procedure, if you think we have fallen short, Please contact us, in the first instance, so we can try to help Please feel free to check us out with the local Trading Standards Office, or via which Trusted Traders
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