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10/02/17 Current Issues with Windows 10 :-

We have seen last week, an update for windows 10 causing issues with Wireless adapaters and settings , preventing computers and laptops from acessing the internet

10/10/17 Bogus Calls, a constant threat:-

We are once being allerted, of customers being contacted by foreign call centres, reporting to be from ISPs like Talktalk and Microsoft etc., claiming that the persons computer or laptop is infecting the network with virus. Another ruse is to say that they know you have had internet issues and would like to offer you compensation, but need your bank account details to do so. - THESE ARE ALL SCAMS If you are unsure, tell them you are going to contact an IT Support company, hang up the phone and give us a ring, and we will help you confirm if the call you have just had is genuine, but 99% are FAKE

02/01/17 Ensure your Internet Security is Installed and Upto Date:-

We can offer FREE 60 DAY TRIAL - fully working version of Bullguard Internet Security, to help prevent Virus Infections on your PC or Laptop - Simply click on the link (Image) below,
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Please click on the image above and it will prompt you to download a file, this is Virus Free. This will allow us to remotely access your Computer or Laptop, but only with your permission We can then access your machine as if we were in front of it, without having to come to you. This helps save time and money 1 Save or Run the File 2 Install the Program AeroAdmin 3 Provide us with YOUR ID 4 Allow Remote Control Please note if a message pops up from your security or firewall program click Please click on “Allow” to let the program run, as we know it is genuine and it is what we are trying to do, to allow AMS Systems access to your Computer


Security - Free Trial

There are many little nasty things out there waiting to Infect your PC or Laptop Get a FREE fully working Version for 60 Days by clicking on the IMAGE OPPOSITE - Simply click on the FREE TRIAL Button on the Bullguard Page that opens, then RUN the software when prompted .
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